Everyone needs a helping hand while making the bed

no matter what size or weight of the mattress.




It's feels great to crawl into a freshly made bed,

but making the bed can be a back breaking chore! 


Many people change the sheets on their bed once a week, lifting that heavy mattress in awkward positions causing back strain and pain.

The Magic Mattress Lift is a spring assisted device that is placed in each corner of the mattress between the box spring and the mattress. It's unique design lifts the mattress up 10 inches. This action effortlessly lifts and holds the corners of the mattress while you make the bed. Those sharply tucked corners have never been easier.  You can now easily pull the fitted sheet or mattress cover over the corner of the bed using both hands.

When finished, simply press down on the mattress and the Magic Mattress Lift conveniently collapses down. You will never know the lifts are there until you use them again.




See the lifts in action!


Unboxing and Setup

Installing the Lifts





Here's what a few of our customers have to say:


Emily MML testimonial
Loretta MML Testimonial
Gavin MML testimonial
Thank you for simplifying a once arduous task, our whole family lives on clean sheets now!
We love the Magic Mattress Lift- my Mother no longer struggles to make her bed. Thank you!
The Magic Mattress Lift has been a huge hit with our hotel staff. Durable and quality made.
- Emily W. Mukilteo, WA
- Loretta T. San Diego, CA
- Gavin A.  Hartford, CT



Magic Mattress Lift – Angle View
Magic Mattress Lift – Side View
Magic Mattress Lift
Magic Mattress Lift


Everyone can benefit from the new Magic Mattress Lift!


Hotel housekeepers, children, seniors, and Mom's & Dad's everywhere are finding their new favorite product in the Magic Mattress Lift.  When changing sheets or mattress covers on your bed, the Magic Mattress Lift makes the once tiresome chore much, much easier!